About this blog

Purpose of this blog is to store and share useful tips related with programming, role of a full-stack developer, and self-development as a succesful software developer. I won't talk only about technical topics here, but also about time management, productivity, and leadership.

The concept of so called "alpha programmer" was taken from Jeff Atwood blog post about two types of Programmers.

About author

My name is Krzysztof Witczak and I'm full-stack software developer from Poland, specializing in Ruby on Rails framework.

If you're looking for CV or short resume, scan my linkedin profile.

To say it shortly - I felt in love with programming when we first met back in 2010, on programming foundamentals course in Biomedical Engineering. That wasn't planned - I wanted to become a doctor. However, every time that hipnotizing black terminal box returned a value, that I expected, I couldn't stop being more and more amazed...

I started to drill and learn more and more about programming myself in my spare time. I already knew what I will be doing - I enrolled on training in Philips Lighting on my vacations, to solve first real business problems. I needed to learn VBA in few days, familiarize myself with excel files that were opening in 15 minutes, understand them, and propose solution for engineeres problems. It went so good, that they were calling me before every next vacations, and they wanted me to stay - but I had different plans already.

I started working in Tricity in SolDevelo company. I learned a lot, especially how to work in a team, and identified gaps in my knowledge. I attented on my third course, this time it was Computer Science. Like with all of my previous courses, I found it pretty easy to get highest possible grades and finish university with highest honors.

In the meantime I started working (through SolDevelo) for great startup located near San Francisco, and rushed into world of Ruby on Rails. I found out, that technical skills are not all things that matter - in the long run, you need soft skills as well. I started to work on myself, and this blog, is one of my exercises.